Free conversation

In today's rarejob lesson, I do the free conversation lesson not the article reading. I talked about the Rockyou! where I went in the SVC tour.

  • Rockyou! is the compony making the applications on the facebook.
  • The nuber of applications they made is about 70-80.

And I talked about the university I visited. UC Berkeley and Stanford university. To enter the these university, I have to get the high score of TOEFL test. TOEFL consists reading, writing,listening and speaking parts. Except for speaking, I can practice English with the tools such as podcasts,, and bloging in English. But concerning with speaking English, I have to have the partner to talk with. So I started the rarejob, I explained.

ああ、あと将来のこととか聞かれて、"I can't express well."とか連発してたんだけど、"I have no clear idea."とかのほうがよさげ。それとsmart.fmを一年ぶりくらいに再開しますた。